US 18/151 Freeway Conversion Study - Environmental information

​Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)

Environmental Assessment (EA)

  • View the EA - Complete OR view specific sections in the individual files below:
    • US 18/151 EA
      • Cover page
      • Basic sheets
      • Evaluations
    • US 18/151 EA Exhibits
      • Exhibit 1: Project Location Map
      • Exhibit 2: Preferred Alternative Overview
      • Exhibit 3: Preferred Alternative - Detail
      • Exhibit 4: Alternatives Not Selected
      • Exhibit 5: Noise Receptor Locations
      • Exhibit 6: Level Of Service (LOS) Summary Table
      • Exhibit 7: Roadway Characteristics and Design Notes
    • US 18/151 EA Appendix A thru F
      • Appendix A: Project Initiation and Scoping Letters
        • A1: Project Initiation Letter
        • A2: Agency Scoping Letter
        • A3: Tribal Scoping Letter
      • Appendix B: Traffic Forecasts Report
      • Appendix C: Correspondence
        • Appendix C1: Utility Correspondence
        • Appendix C2: Driftless Area Land Conservancy Correspondence
        • Appendix C3: Local Government Correspondence From – Iowa County
        • Appendix C4: Local Government Correspondence From – Dane County
        • Appendix C5: State Agency Correspondence
        • Appendix C6: Federal Agency Correspondence
        • Appendix C7: Tribal Correspondence
      • Appendix D: Agricultural Impact Statement
      • Appendix E: Section 106 Review Form
      • Appendix F: CPA-1006 Form for NRCS
    • US 18/151 EA Appendix G thru J
      • Appendix G: Conceptual Stage Relocation Plan
      • Appendix H: Indirect and Cumulative Effects Analysis
      • Appendix I: De Minimus Section 4(f)
      • Appendix J: Noise Notification Letters

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WisDOT Southwest Region
2101 Wright Street, Madison, WI 53704-2583

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