Getting Organized

​Road work can mean different things to different types of businesses. A 
Main Street restaurant may want to consider changing up food delivery
schedules. A Northwoods resort may want to consider publishing a
construction map and suggested detours on its website. Nearby offices
may want to talk to employees about the ongoing road work and how it
may coincide with the daily commute.

No matter what your business is, or where it’s located, you do not have to
go it alone. Here are some ideas to help any business team-up for success.

Organization tips:
  • ​Contact the nearest chamber of commerce or visitors’ bureau for help brainstorming ways to continue engaging customers.
  • ​​If you are a business with neighboring businesses, consider organizing as a group for planning, promotion and communication.
  • If your business stands alone, think about signage, routing and communication needs to help customers. The In This Together guide has worksheets to help initiate brainstorming and planning as construction approaches.


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