Working with Work Zones

What to Expect From WisDOTFour construction workers pour concrete for a curb gutter. There is a business behind the work zone.

Focus on your safety: WisDOT will make every effort to maintain access to your business and keep heavy equipment away from traffic and workplaces.

Help getting around: Alternate routes, detours and temporary accommodations are made on a project-by-project basis.

Open communication: Project staff host meetings and some will create email lists. Construction tea​ms will also contact you as soon as possible if they foresee direct impact to your business, such as paving near your driveway entrance.

How You Can Play an Active Role

  • Identify a chain of communication. Make sure you know how to contact the project team—and that they know how to contact you!

  • Work with the project team and/or local government to identify suggested routes and parking for customers, deliveries and employees.

  • Work with the project team to identify key points about the project (safety, navigation, capacity) and discuss how to inform your customers.

  • Create maps that help customers understand the project and its footprint. Hand these maps out to neighbors and customers and share them on social media.

  • Keep in touch with your customers about accomplishments and project timelines to reinforce the message that you are “open for business.”

  • Work with your employees to deliver a positive and consistent message to customers about the project and temporary business impacts.

  • Contact your suppliers to give them heads up about the project, and continue to communicate with project staff to reduce conflicts between project work and deliveries.

  • Consider whether it makes sense for your business to work with employees on shift times, carpooling or telecommuting through the project.

  • ​Some businesses might explore alternate points of sale and methods for customer contact.

  • Some businesses might also consider scheduling planned maintenance to coincide with road construction.

Road to Success Checklist: Tried-and-true-tips for businesses impacted by work zones.

Preparation Roadmap:Tips to stay engaged with the project and prepare your business for success.