Preparation Roadmap: Tips for businesses

Tips to stay engaged with the project and prepare your business for success – from start to finish.

Before the project:

  • There are a variety of ways you can learn about upcoming projects including websites, WisDOT news releases, social media, public meetings and WisDOT project staff.

1 Year before construction:

  • It can be a good idea to have conversations with neighboring businesses to discuss how your business can succeed during construction. Think about working as a group to make a plan. You could consider things like developing a promotions campaign to keep your customers informed throughout roadwork.

6 months before construction:

  • Reach out to neighbors, employees and partners to share project information, discuss concerns and share ideas. All hands on deck!

2 months before construction:

  • Finalize your promotional materials and your game plan to reach customers during construction.
  • Keep in touch with the project team to get final details on the project.
  • Be watchful for planned detours, and consider business signage. Share this information with your neighbors.

​During construction:

  • Attend the construction kickoff and make sure you have the contact information you need.
  • Stay positive and be patient.
  • Hold events and promotions and execute your plan to keep your customers up-to-date.
  • Continue to connect with the project team.

After construction:

  • A finished project means pavement and a new and improved route to your business. Make sure your customers know construction is complete.
  • Some considerations may include:
    • An “end of construction” promotion, possibly as a team effort with other businesses.
    • A thank you to the customers who continued coming in during the work.
    • Social media or other mass communications to your customers.

Download printable checklist