Traffic crashes are more dangerous and can be deadly when they involve excessive speeds. Speeding endangers not only the person speeding, but everyone on the roads.

Risks of speeding

  • Excessive speed is among the most common causes of traffic crashes. There is an average of more than 18,000 speed-related crashes every year in Wisconsin.
  • Speeding makes your vehicle harder to control and stop in an emergency. Slowing down gives you more time and distance to avoid a collision.
  • Drivers who are speeding have less time to react when traffic ahead stops or slows.
  • Speeding is more likely to cause a crash in winter weather. Speed limits are set for when roads are clear and dry, not when they're snow or ice-covered. It is illegal to drive at speeds that exceed what is "reasonable and prudent" under existing road and traffic conditions.

Penalties for speeding

  • Speeding tickets generally cost about $200 to more than $800 depending on the violation.
  • Demerit points are assessed and your license may be suspended.
  • Insurance premiums often increase because of speeding tickets.

Safe driving

  • Obey speed limits and drive cautiously in inclement weather.
  • Wear seat belts to reduce the risk of being injured or killed in a speed-related crash.
  • Be alert when traveling in work zones, school zones, and railway crossings. Speeding fines are usually doubled in those locations.
  • Remember, speeding is not worth a ticket...or your life!

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