Bike Buddy program

Ever considered biking to work? There are many registered cyclists in the RIDES​HARE ​program across Wisconsin. Bike commuting is an easy way to build exercise into your day and decrease your carbon footprint. Biking with someone can feel safer, more comfortable, and make the ride go faster.

Benefits of bike commuting

  • Health - Starting and finishing your workday with an active commute has numerous physical and mental health benefits
  • Environment - Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Financial - Save on transportation costs including gas, automobile maintenance, and parking
  • Fun - Make your commute an exciting and refreshing part of your day

Advantages of cycling with a buddy

By biking in a pair, you will...

  • Increase your visibility​ in traffic
  • Gain peace of mind that someone is there to help if an issue develops
  • Be more likely to explore new routes
  • Enjoy company on your ride, making it seem faster!

For beginner cyclists, biking with someone can help you gain confidence. For experienced riders, the Bike Buddy program is a rewarding way to share your love to ride.

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