Commuter information

​Wisconsin’s RIDESHARE program helps people connect with more commute solutions. Ride, drive, or bike.

What are the benefits to rethinking your commute?

  • ​​​Save money on transportation costs
  • Reduce emissions
  • Lessen the stress of your commute

​Access the Wisconsin RIDESHARE platform

RIDESHARE​ ​is your hub for improving your commute, whether with a carpool, a Bike Buddy, or with transit.Photo of landing page for RIDESHARE website.

How does the RIDESHARE program work?

The program serves every adult commuter in Wisconsin - whether you commute by driving, biking, walking, or riding public transit. You can search for matches on their commute, register ​for free, and reach out to matches to get started on a new commute.

Read more in the RIDESHARE FAQ .

You may also register, match, and track commutes through the Commute Tracker app available at the links below.

ios-store  play-store

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