Bike Buddy FAQ

How does the RIDESHARE program find me a Bike Buddy?

Bike commuters can register for free, search their commute for matches, and contact potential Bike Buddies.

On your profile, there is an option to match with an experienced or novice cyclist, if you have a preference. Avid cyclists may enjoy mentoring a new rider. Beginners may feel more confident biking with someone who can lead the ride. No matter your experience level, bike commuting is an option for you.

Can I take my bike on the bus?

Many transit systems are equipped with bike racks on the bus including Milwaukee County Transit System, Madison Metro, Green Bay Metro, Eau Claire Transit, and Wausau Metro Ride to name a few. Check the system website before your ride. Cyclists can also bring their bike onboard Amtrak.

What are the rules for bicycling on the road?

Here are some resources for riding safely and following the rules of the road as a cyclist:

How can I track my commute mode for myself, or for my employer?

You can track your commute on the RIDESHARE website dashboard or in the Commute Tracker app. The website and app both can provide information on previous commute modes and financial and environmental impact.

As an employer, how can I make my workplace bike-friendly?

Bike-friendly workplaces offer commuters useful infrastructure like bike racks or lockers, bike tools, an air pump, and shower facilities. Learn more about bike-friendly businesses at the Employer Information page.

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