Rustic Roads - Mementos

Wisconsin Rustic Roads enthusiast?WisDOT KeychainRustic Road Lapel Pin

Travel 10 Rustic Roads by car, bicycle or by foot to receive a keychain.

Feeling even more ambitious?

Travel all 126 Wisconsin Rustic Roads to receive a Certificate of Appreciation and a choice of a lapel pin or keychain.

​Rustic Road Bicycle Club

Travel all 126 Rustic Roads by bicycle?

  • For bicyclists having traveled all of Wisconsin’s Rustic Roads, join the Rustic Roads Bicycle Club​.
  • After you submit your travel log, we will add you to our online database.​
  • To opt out of the database, but still receive a certificate and a key chain/lapel pin, please indicate so when you submit your travel log.

For motorcyclists, please check out our Rustic Roads Motorcycle Tour Program.

Once you have traveled the minimum number of Rustic Roads, please submit:

  • A list of Rustic Roads traveled by car/bicycle/foot and choice of memento
    (for all Rustic Roads)
  • Mode of travel​
  • The Rustic Road number and date of travel for each road
  • Submit your list to or to the mailing address below.

For your convenience, a Rustic Roads checklist is available to use as a travel log to track your visits. This form can be printed or filled out electronically and submitted with your email. You do not need to use this form if you choose to track your progress another way.

We do not require photo submissions of the Rustic Roads you’ve traveled, but we invite you to share your photos on social media using #RusticRoads or @WisconsinDOT.

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

For memento submittals, or for more information on the Rustic Roads award program, contact:

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Rustic Roads Coordinator
4822 Madison Yards Way, 6th Floor South
Madison, WI 53705