Rustic Road 102

Photo of Rustic Road 102 taken by Ken Zingg
Photo Credit: Ken Zingg

Location: Southeast Wisconsin, Waushara County. Cumberland Avenue and 7th Drive forming a loop off WIS 21 in the town of Richford.

Length: 2.2 miles

Surface: Paved and unpaved portions

R-102 features roadside panoramas of native trees, prairies and dense woods that form a canopy in the spring and summer that turns golden in the autumn. This beautiful forest and field mix supports a multitude of wildlife including deer, red foxes, pheasants and sandhill cranes, short-eared owls and many songbirds. Wildflowers such as wild geraniums, Solomon’s Seal and wild asparagus are abundant and Amish buggies are a common sight. The route offers access to the Mecan River segment of the Ice Age Trail.

Map of Rustic Road 102 

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