Rustic Road 108

Photo of Rustic Road 108 taken by Judy A. Hoffmann
Photo Credit: Judy A. Hoffmann

Location: Northwest Wisconsin, Sawyer County. Northern Lights, Boedecker, Seely, and Janet roads from WIS 63 to County OO, towns of Lenroot and Spider Lake.

Length: 3.4 miles

Surface: Paved and unpaved portions           

R-108 meanders through the Sawyer County Forest and is bordered by many species of trees including maples, oaks, birch, red and white pine which are home to many birds and mammals. Originally constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps as a logging road in the 1930s, travelers will catch a glimpse of the old “Dynamite Shack” which stored the explosives used to construct the road through the hills. R-108 is crossed by the Birkie cross country ski trail and numerous ATV, mountain bike and snowmobile trails. This road offers all nature lovers a northwoods experience.

Map of Rustic Road 108 

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