Rustic Road 109

Photo of Rustic Road 109 taken by Pearl Christopherson
Photo Credit: Pearl Christopherson

Location: Northeast Wisconsin, Oconto County. North Park Avenue Road, beginning at County S in the city of Oconto and ending at Maple School Grove Road in the town of Little River.

Length: 2.3 miles

Surface: Paved

R-109 is referred to by some local residents as “Wisconsin’s Everglades” because the road runs through a large complex of coastal wetlands that ultimately connect to the Oconto Marsh. Along some parts of the route, travelers will see majestic cattails that line both sides of the road, as well as blue flag iris, swamp milkweed, marsh fern and lowland grasses. In the middle of the route, the trees lining the road form a graceful canopy. R-109 also has a century-old farmstead visible from the road.​

Map of Rustic Road 109 

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