Rustic Road 21

Photo of Rustic Road 21 taken by Thomas F. Coulton
Photo Credit: Thomas F. Coulton

Location: Southwest Wisconsin, Sauk County. Just off County PF, follows portions of Schara Road, Ruff Road, Orchard Drive and Slotty Road.

Length: 8.6 miles

Surface: Paved and unpaved portions

Ruff Road, Orchard Drive and Slotty Road are narrow, gravel roads. They wind through rolling, rugged terrain near Natural Bridge State Park. The park is the location of the Raddatz Rock Shelter, the oldest documented site of primitive man in the upper Midwest. Schara Road extends along a ridge bordered by oak, maple, basswood and hickory trees. Remains of an old barn and home foundation are visible from the road. A walk during the spring and summer reveals many wildflowers along the roadside and in the open fields.

Map of Rustic Road 21 

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