Rustic Road 65

Photo of Rustic Road 65 taken by Jane C. Van Treeck
Photo Credit: Jane C. Van Treeck

Location: Southeast Wisconsin, Ozaukee County. Hawthorne Road between Wauwatosa Road and Granville Road in the city of Mequon.

Length: 2 miles

Surface: Paved and unpaved portions

Hawthorne Road is the only gravel road in the city of Mequon. Much of the road is lined with oak, maple and weeping willow trees that provide a canopy in the summer and a blaze of color in the fall. The open land along R-65 is under cultivation or is pasture land for horses and sheep making pleasant agricultural vistas. The area surrounding the road is habitat for deer, rabbits, hawks and songbirds. The road is popular with hikers, bikers, equestrians and motorists.

Mapf of Rustic Road 65 

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