Rustic Road 66

Photo of Rustic Road 66 taken by Eleanor M. McEntee
Photo Credit: Eleanor M. McEntee

Location: Southwest Wisconsin, Lafayette County. Just off County W in the town of Benton, following portions of Buncombe, Kennedy, Beebe and Ensch roads.

Length: 7.5 miles

Surface: Paved

Beautiful scenery and history distinguish this Rustic Road. R-66 travels the unglaciated “Driftless Area” of southwestern Wisconsin. Tree-lined roads wind through the hilly fields and farmlands. In autumn, R-66 displays spectacular fall colors. An abandoned lead mine, complete with tin shacks, rusted ore buckets and piles of tailings, is visible from Kennedy Road. The mining industry in this part of Wisconsin once produced 85% of the nation’s lead.

Map of Rustic Road 66 

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