Rustic Road 86

Photo of Rustic Road 86 taken by Suvi S. Tory
Photo Credit: Suvi S. Tory

Location: Waukesha County. Includes portions of Waterville Road, Town Road G, County ZZ, Strawberry and Piper Roads, from US 18 to WIS 59. R-10, R-115, and R-8​6 form a continuous route.

Length: 7.3 miles​

Surface: Paved

R-86 offers the traveler scenic views of rugged forest and open prairie as it meanders through the Southern Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest. The Waterville Road route also provides access to the Ice Age Trail, Glacial Drumlin State Trail and the Scuppernong Hiki​ng Trail.

Map of Rustic Road 86 

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