WisDOT OS/OW Permit Automated Issuance System

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Below are some tutorials to help you get familiar with the new system

OSOW's system capabilities allow customers to:

  • Issue single trip permit types:
    • SS-Single Trip OS/OW Permit
    • CS-Sealed Load in International Trade
    • HRCQ-(Radiological Materials) Highway Reportable Permit
    • SB-Building or Structure from an Existing Foundation
    • SM-Single Trip Factory Built Home
  • Issue or renew multiple trip permit types:
    • AA-Miscellaneous Equipment/Machinery/Materials
    • AC-Grain, Coal, Iron Ore Concentrates & Alloyed Iron
    • AG-Garbage, Refuse and Recyclable Scrap
    • BM-Building or Structure From a Existing Foundation
    • CM-Sealed Load in International Trade
    • FF-Agricultural Products to and From a Farm
    • FMP-Fluid Milk Products 98,000 lbs. on 6 or more axles
    • GR-Granular Roofing Material
    • HM-Hay or Straw
    • II-Industrial Interplant
    • IPD-Inter Plant Distribution in Kenosha/Racine Counties
    • MH-Mobile Home or Modular Building Sections
    • MI-Michigan Border
    • MPB-Milk Product Byproduct
    • PB-Potato Storage to Processing, not Rail
    • PS-Potato Seed
    • RF-Raw Forest Products, Fruits & Vegetables - 90,000 lbs
    • RS-Raw Forest Products - 98,000 lbs. on 6 or more axles
  • Transfer permits to new trucks for certain permit types (no fee)
  • Amend existing permits
  • Extend end date for single trip permits
  • Review routes for multiple trip permits
  • View and print permits
  • Both Carriers and Permit services may now maintain your own users account access
  • Contact OSOW permit office for information about, and how to apply for:
    • AgCMV-Agricultural Commercial Motor Vehicles
    • IoH-Implements of Husbandry

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Statutory reference: Wis. Stat. ch. 348; Wis. Admin. Code ch. Trans 250