IRP Charter school buses

As of January 1, 2016, the International Registration Plan (IRP) was amended to remove charter bus exemptions from the definition of apportionable vehicle so that qualified charter buses will be subject to IRP requirements. 

Who needs to register?

If the bus:

  • Exceeds 26,000 lbs.
  • Engages in interjurisdictional operation
  • Is For-hire


  1. MV2855 - WI IRP New Operations (Interstate) Checklist
  2. MV2854 - WI IRP Application - Schedule B New Operation
  3. MV2852 - WI IRP – Lease Verification (between Owner/Operator and Lessee)
  4. MV2667 - Wisconsin International Fuel Tax License Application
  5. MV2843 - Motor Carrier Operating Authority
  6. MV2912WI IRP Application Schedule B Amendment
  7. MV2914 - WI IRP Application Schedule A Vehicle Information - (Add/delete/change vehicle information, replacement cab card or plate)
  8. MV2940 - WisCRS System Access Request - This is the access agreement and application for access to our Internet application that allow for the electronic submission of IRP applications and IFTA fuel tax reporting.
  9. Mileage and Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Reporting periods – Provides reporting periods for renewal applications 

If you have questions about these forms, call (608) 266-9900 or email

School Bus Operations: IRP/IFTA/UCR Power Point – presented by Motor Carrier Supervisor Jay Sween​, March 2016


Motor carrier registration

International registration plan (IRP) or International fuel tax agreement (IFTA)

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