Motor carrier fees

​Motor carrier fees​Current fee
Motor carrier credentials
​IFTA (Intl Fuel Tax Agreement) decals​$2 (for 2 decals)
IFTA license new application (1 year)​$3 + $15 application fee
IFTA renewal​$3 + $2/set of decals
IRP fees plate & cab card​$3 plate & $3 cab card
​IRP vehicle registration​$-- (Varies according to mileage & weight.)
​Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
Unified carrier registration (UCR)​Varies according to number in fleet
​Local carriage (LC) carrier​$500 (one time fee)
​Bus on fixed route carrier (PC)​$50 (one time fee)
Vehicle permits
​72 hour school bus​​$10
​72 hour trip​$15
​Common carrier  ​$5
​Contract carrier - interstate  ​$5
​Contract carrier - intrastate  ​$5
​Single-trip oversize​$15 - $25 (varies by dimension)
​Single-trip oversize/overweight ​$20 minimum (varies according to weight)
​Multiple-trip oversize ​$25 - $90 (varies by dimension)
Multiple-trip oversize/overweight $65 - $1,050 (varies by load type & weight)


If you have questions:

Motor carrier registration

International registration plan (IRP) or International fuel tax agreement (IFTA)

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Motor Carrier Services
P.O. Box 7979
Madison WI 53707-7979

Phone (608) 266-9900