Divisible load permits

Divisible load permits begin with any of the following: AC, AG, FF, MI, PB, PS, RF or RS.

Overweight travel suspended

Travel under overweight multiple trip divisible load permit types is suspended during spring thaw. Only the weight provision of these permits is suspended. Over length loads, as authorized by the permit, may continue to be transported.

Permit suspension exceptions

PS permit - seed potato:

  • PS (seed potato) permit is not suspended during the declared spring thaw period unless the suspension specifically includes seed potato permits.

RS permit - raw forest products (98,000 pounds on 6-axles):

  • RS permits are valid during spring thaw.
  • WisDOT is the exclusive issuing authority for RS permits per Wis. Stats. s. 348.27(9m)(a).
  • Wis. Stats. s. 348.27(9m)(a)4. authorizes the transport of “raw forest products”.
  • Raw forest products are defined in Wis. Stats. s. 348.01(2)(bt).
  • The RS permit authorizes:
    • GVW of 98,000 lbs. in vehicle combinations with six or more axles
    • No axle may exceed the axle weights set in Wis. Stats. s. 348.27(9m)(a)4.
  • RS Permits are not valid on Interstate highways.
  • RS permits do not authorize exceeding posted weight limits, except for seasonal limits on marked State or US routes in connection with spring thaw.
  • RS permits are valid during spring thaw on all other public roads; however, they are subject to all posted weight limits, including seasonal limits.

For more information related to Class II or posted roadways, contact the regional representative in your area.

Related information:

For information about oversize-overweight permits:

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