Non-divisible load permits

Non-divisible load permits begin with any of the following: AA, BM, CM, CS, GG, HM, HRCQ, II, MH, SB, SM or SS.

Overweight travel restricted

Travel under overweight single trip and multiple trip non-divisible load permit types is restricted on certain roads during spring thaw. You may continue to transport oversize only loads without restriction.


  • Overweight travel is not restricted in Milwaukee County on local or state roads.
  • Overweight travel is not restricted on any part of the Interstate Highway System (39, 43, 90, 94 and 535).

Local road restrictions

Local roads are those highways not part of the state trunk highway system or the national system of interstate and defense highways.

Non-divisible multiple trip permits

Weight provisions are suspended for travel on local roads. Permit holders may not operate on local roads at greater than legal axle, axle group or gross vehicle weights unless permission is obtained from local road maintenance authorities.

Single trip permits

There is no change from year round requirements.

State trunk highway restrictions

The Class II roadway list indicates those highways which are restricted to LEGAL weight only.

Non-divisible multiple trip permits

  • Class I roads -- multiple trip weights allowed
  • Class II roads -- legal weight is maximum allowed

Non-divisible single trip permits

  • Class I roads -- single trip weights allowed
  • Class II roads -- legal weight is maximum allowed

Posted roads and bridges

Some roads and bridges are posted for less than legal weight or have other weight limits. A permit does not nullify these limits.

For more information related to Class II or posted roadways, contact the regional representative in your area.

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Oversize-Overweight Permits

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