​Social Security Online Verification (SSOLV)

What is SSOLV?

The SSOLV process is used by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) as a way of electronically verifying the name, date of birth, gender and Social Security Number (SSN) of those applying for a driver license or identification (ID) card with the records from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

These security measures are aimed at avoiding identity theft by preventing the issuance of a driver license or ID card to a person who may be using stolen or otherwise false identity documents. There is no additional cost for this verification process.

A driver license or ID card will only be issued if the SSN that you have provided can be verified using SSOLV.

Resolving discrepancies

If SSOLV identifies a discrepancy in the SSN, name, date of birth and/or gender, the problem must be resolved before a driver license or ID card can be issued. Publication BDS366 provides some guidance on how to resolve discrepancies.

Records that cannot be verified through SSOLV will take additional time to process and could require you to correct your records with SSA and/or make a return visit to the DMV customer service center.

What if my information is not correct at SSA?

If the SSA does not have your legal name or correct date of birth, you must have your records corrected with the SSA before applying for a driver license or ID card at the DMV. You can check some of the information that is on file with SSA by looking at your Social Security card. If the card does not show the correct information, you will need to work with the SSA to get it corrected or updated. Prior to contacting SSA, please visit their website and refer to the list of acceptable resource documents.

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