Medical information specific to ongoing school or passenger bus drivers

​As with any driver, school and passenger bus drivers must meet medical standards for holding the “S” or “P” endorsement.  They must also periodically submit ongoing proof of their physical fitness in the form of either a Physical Examination Report MV3030B or an acceptable Federal Medical card.​

Ho​w often do I need to submit proof of physical fitness?

  • For drivers with a P endorsement only:
    • An MV3030B or Fed Med card must be submitted at the time of renewal
  • For drivers with an S endorsement:
    • If the driver is under 70 years old, an MV3030B or Fed Med card is required every 2 years
    • If the driver is 70 years or older, an MV3030B​ or Fed Med card is required every year

Note: Scho​ol bus drivers will receive written notice before an upcoming deadline.  If you want to access information about when your next physical or tests will be due immediately, ​​use our online application to check your status.

When an MV3030B is submitted, DMV will review the information to determine eligibility. In some cases, DMV will ask for additional information.​

Con​ditions that may disqualify you for an endorsement include:

  • Recent history of chemical abuse or dependency
  • Insulin use
  • Vision below state standards
  • Recent history of cerebrovascular or cardiovascular incident
  • AICD
  • Supplemental oxygen use
  • Decreased pulmonary function
  • Inadequate hearing

Note: this list is not all inclusive -- there are other reasons that a driver might have their S and/or P endorsement canceled.

What can I do if my license is canceled?​​

​​Medical Review & Fitness Unit
P.O. Box 7918
Madison WI 53707-7918

Email Wisconsin DMV email service​​
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