Cancellation for medical reasons

​​What can you do if your license is canceled?

What you can do depends on the reason for your cancellation.

  • You always have the option of providing a new/updated Medical Examination Report MV3644 or the Certificate of Vision Examination by Competent Authority MV3030V​ ​if your condition improves. An improvement may help you meet medical standards and re-establish your ability to drive safely. If you send the DMV a new report, we will review it and send you a letter with the results.
  • You may appeal the decision to cancel by requesting a review by the Medical Review Board. ​Information about this process is mailed with every cancellation/denial notice.
  • Drivers whose license is canceled for failing an exam must demonstrate an ability to pass the exam before further licensing.

What happens after you provide a medical examination report to the DMV?​

​​Medical Review & Fitness Unit
P.O. Box 7918
Madison WI 53707-7918

Email Wisconsin DMV email service​​
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