Graduated driver license (GDL) points and convictions

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​Demerit points double​​

Demerit points double on 2nd and subsequent convictions for moving violations when the driver, regardless of age, has an instruction permit, probationary license or no license at all. Points do not double for equipment violations under Wisconsin Statute 347​.

​Accumulation of 12 to 30 points within 12 months results in suspension for 6 months. If total point accumulation is more than 30 points within 12 months, suspension is for one year.

A license will be canceled if the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) receives a conviction for a violation committed by a driver under age 18 who obtained a GDL and who was not 6 months violation free at the time of the GDL issuance. The driver must be 6 months violation free to reapply for the license.

​The GDL Violations Prohibiting Issuance of Original Probationary License chart defines those violations/convictions which will prevent license issuance or extend the hours and passenger restriction period for a driver under 18 years of age.​

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