Renew registration for heavy (over 55,000 lbs.) vehicles

Reminder for renewals over 54,000 pounds - don't forget to include your Stamped IRS 2290 dated July 2022 through June 2023.

​WisDOT DMV mails the license plate renewal notice to customers to renew their vehicle registration. Vehicles that are not exempt from Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) have a two-step process to renew registration before DMV will send a Certificate of Vehicle Registration and stickers.

  1. File the IRS Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Return Form 2290
  2. Mail a copy of proof of payment of HVUT (but keep the original) and required renewal fee to DMV
  3. Proof of payment may be:

    • A copy of HVUT Form 2290 Schedule 1 stamped PAID or RECEIVED by the IRS with a received date.
    • The full HVUT Return Form 2290 (include pages: Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return, Tax Computation, Schedule 1, Consent to Disclosure of Tax Information, and the Payment Voucher pages) without the IRS PAID or RECEIVED stamp but accompanied by a canceled check (copy of both sides). This is only acceptable if the check is for the amount shown on the HVUT Return Form 2290.
    • If HVUT is paid electronically, submit either:
      • A copy of the electronic receipt of the HVUT Schedule 1 showing the dated e-file watermark; or
      • A copy of the IRS payment confirmation screen with a copy of the HVUT showing fees paid per vehicle filed
        Note: EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) will appear in the heading of this electronic payment screen.

    Send plate renewal notice, fee and copy of IRS 2290 to:
    Wisconsin Department of Transportation
    P.O. Box 7401
    Madison, WI 53707-7401

    Proof of HUVT payment may also be faxed or emailed to:

    • Fax: (608) 266-5014
    • Email:

Vehicles registered with the following plate/registration types are exempt or eligible for exemption from HVUT. Mail in only the renewal notice and required renewal truck fee:

  • BUS plate type with BBX, BUS, BSB CHT or GOV reg type
  • HTK plate type with SUX, SPZ or GOV reg type
  • TOR plate type with SUX, SPZ or GOV reg type
  • SPX plate type with SPX or GOV reg type only in situations where the vehicle is owned and operated by a nonprofit organization and used exclusively for rescue work
  • All trailers (FTL, TRL) are exempt from HVUT requirements
  • All motor homes (MTM) are exempt
  • All registrations under 55,000 gross weight

Send renewals for truck (HTK) or tractor (TOR) over 55,000 lbs and fees to:
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 7401
Madison, WI 53707-7401

Lost renewal notice

WisDOT mails license plate renewal notices to the last known address of the vehicle's registered owner or lessee at least 30 days before the license plate expires. If you lost your notice or did not receive one, you may download a Substitute Renewal Notice form MV2016. Completely fill out the substitute renewal notice and mail it with the required renewal fee and proof of HVUT, if required, to the address listed on the form.

Telephone Authorization

Telephone Authorization (TA) is a call-in service only for intra-state operation of motor carriers that allows them to operate on Wisconsin highways without displaying evidence of registration. The program allows for immediate operation of an unregistered or newly acquired vehicle. Vehicles registered quarterly or consecutive monthly may obtain Telephone Authorization for a $7.50 fee by calling (608) 267-5103. Vehicles registered annually or biennially are not eligible for this service.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Bureau of Vehicle Registration
P.O. Box 7401
Madison, WI 53707-7401


Registration and Titling Unit
Phone (608) 264-7064