Consecutive monthly registration

​"Consecutive monthly registration" means registration for a minimum of any three consecutive months. A fourth month may be added once in a calendar year. The registered gross weight of the vehicle must be over 8,000 pounds. Only motor trucks, trailers or truck tractors transporting the following commodities or providing the following services qualify:

  • A motor truck, trailer or truck tractor used only to transport any of the following:
    • Concrete pipe or block and related materials
    • Calcium chloride liquid
    • A weight transfer machine for purposes associated with truck or tractor pulling competitions or events
    • Recycled metal salvage materials
    • Logs or pulpwood
    • Dirt, fill or aggregates
    • Fresh milk
    • Perishable fresh fruits or vegetables for canning, freezing, dehydrating or storage prior to processing, including return of waste
    • Petroleum products
  • A motor truck, trailer or truck tractor equipped with a dump, box or other container used only to transport any of the following:
    • Gravel
    • Concrete
    • Cement and bituminous road construction materials
    • Agricultural lime
    • Feed
    • Grain
    • Fertilizer
  • A motor truck or a trailer or a truck tractor equipped with a mechanical mixer used only to mix and deliver concrete.
  • A motor truck or truck tractor owned by a retail lumberyard and used only to transport building construction materials from that lumberyard to a building construction site.
  • Any motor vehicle used only for towing operations of stalled or disabled vehicles.

How to apply


Complete the Wisconsin Title and License Plate Application form MV1.​ Check section G indicating that you qualify for consecutive monthly registration and indicate the number of months. There is a minimum of three months registration.


Consecutive monthly fee is 1/12 the annual fee times the number of months of registration plus a fee of $15 per vehicle per consecutive monthly period requested. Refer to the Gross Weight Fee Schedule on form MV1 or the fee charts for pro-rated fees:


If the vehicle is currently registered to you, but the registration has expired and the vehicle was out of operation at least three months, complete section F of the MV1 stating the time period that the vehicle has not been operated.


Mail the application and appropriate fees to the address on the front of the MV1 application. If you wish to do this in person, please check the DMV Finder to find out which DMV customer service centers can process these types of transactions.

Telephone authorization

Telephone authorization (TA) is a call-in procedure only for intra-state operation of motor carriers that allows them to operate on Wisconsin highways without displaying evidence of registration. The program allows for immediate operation of an unregistered or newly acquired vehicle. Vehicles registered quarterly or consecutive monthly may obtain telephone authorization for a $7.50 fee by calling (608) 267-5103.

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