Convenience fee

​Credit and debit card companies charge a fee to all retailers every time a card is used. All DMV fees are set by statute and, as a state agency, WisDOT cannot use these fees to cover the costs of accepting credit and debit card payments.

Therefore, DMV must add a convenience fee of up to 2.35% to cover the fees charged by credit and debit card companies. The convenience fee is a percentage of the cost of the product or service. 

You will see the amounts of the product/service fee and the convenience fee displayed separately before you complete the transaction at local DMV customer service centers or for online services​.

Some WisDOT online services accept payments through ACH (Automated Clearing House) which deducts WisDOT fees directly from your bank account, with no added convenience fee. If available for the product or service you need, follow the ACH instructions on the webpage to pay.

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