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Wisconsin residents are invited to review the application of groups or organizations that wish to become an Authorized Special Group. If approved, WisDOT will issue special license plates to Wisconsin motorists that provide recognition to the group. The group may also choose to collect $25 annual donations upon the issuance of each plate and for each registration renewal.

The following group(s) have submitted an application with the information provided below, a development fee of $15,500, and the signatures of 500 Wisconsin residents who intend to purchase the special plate upon this group’s approval as an Authorized Special Group. For more information about this application process, please visit special group license plates.

If you approve of this group or organization being authorized for a special license plate, no further action is required. If you wish to object to this group or organization becoming authorized for a special license plate, see “Submit an objection to a special plate request” below and complete the information requested. You must be a Wisconsin resident.

Any objections to a group’s application must be completed and submitted no later than the date given. If an objection is filed, DMV will forward the group’s request to the Transportation Committee for review in both houses of the Wisconsin State Legislature for consideration. The decision of the legislative review to approve or deny the application is final.

Group name: International Crane Foundation
Webpage: Saving Cranes and the Places Where Cranes Dance - International Crane Foundation
Plate restricted to group members: No
Development fee & signatures received: Yes
Donation required: Yes
Donation recipients: International Crane Foundation
Review available until: 12/29/2023
Purpose of group: The International Crane Foundation works worldwide to conserve cranes and the ecosystems, watersheds, and flyways on which they depend. We provide knowledge, leadership, and inspiration to engage people in resolving threats to cranes and their diverse landscapes.

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