Homemade vehicles

A homemade vehicle means (Wisconsin statutes 341.268(1)(b)):

  1. A motor vehicle that has been constructed or assembled from new or used parts or both using a body and frame not originating from and not resembling any previously manufactured motor vehicle.
  2. A motorcycle that is a reproduction of a vehicle originally made by another manufacturer and that consists of a reproduction body that is combined with a new, used or replica frame and drive train.

A homemade trailer is the most common homemade vehicle (as defined in 341.268(1)(b)1.) and does not need to be inspected prior to title and registration.

A homemade motorcycle is the second most common homemade vehicle (as defined in 341.268(1)(b)2.).

Homemade vehicles (that are not trailers) that are being titled and registered for the first time in Wisconsin require a safety equipment inspection as stated in Wisconsin Transportation Rule - Trans 149.01(2).

Prior to the inspection being conducted a complete application must be submitted which includes but is not limited to:

  • Wisconsin Title & License Plates form MV1 (make a copy for your records, complete and sign)
  • original title(s) or certificates of origin for all vehicles used in assembling the homemade vehicle
  • original bills of sales for all major vehicle equipment as defined in Wisconsin Transportation Rule - Trans 149.02(6)
    • must include amount and date of sale
  • appropriate fees for tax, title and registration/license plates

Send these items to:

     Vehicle Research Unit
     PO Box 8070
     Madison, WI 53708-8070

Next steps:

  • After DMV receives the completed application, DMV will send the owner a letter advising who to contact for a vehicle inspection. This letter will list information the inspector will need.
  • The vehicle will be inspected for the required vehicle equipment for the year in which the inspection occurs,  Wisconsin Transportation Rule - Trans 149.01(2).
  • After completion of the inspection, the inspector will return the completed inspection form and copy of the letter to the Vehicle Research Unit.

A homemade vehicle will be titled as the year in which the vehicle is inspected and passed with a vehicle make of HMDE. Additional vehicle information or identifiers may also be included on the title.

Homemade vehicles will be issued a Wisconsin assigned vehicle identification number (VIN).

Email Wisconsin DMV email service