Statement of intent

​Use the Statement of Intent Form MV2489 to get a corrected title when your title or Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO) has a change or erasure in the purchaser, lien holder or odometer area.

However, if someone has used White-Out® or a similar correction product to make changes on the title or MSO, do not use the MV2489. Instead, the owner should apply for a replacement title using Replacement Title Application form MV2119​.

Submit form MV2489 along with the title in the following situations:

You decided not to buy

If you appear on the title as purchaser of a car you decided not to buy, draw a single line through your name on the title. Complete form MV2489 and return it, along with the original title, to the original owner of the vehicle.

The original owner can submit the original title and form MV2489 to receive a clear title or provide the true purchaser with the documents so they can apply for a transfer of ownership.

A seller may complete the MV2489 if a listed purchaser is unavailable.

You are not the purchaser, but an agent

If you appear as purchaser on the title but you bought the car as an agent of the owner and hold no interest in the car, complete form MV2489 and provide it along with the original title to the (actual) owner of the vehicle, so they can apply for a transfer of ownership.

You are the seller and list yourself as purchaser

​Complete form MV2489 and provide it, along with the title, to the purchaser. Explain the error and that you, as the seller, do not wish to be co-owner or lien holder of the vehicle.

Sale never took place

The original owner will need to complete and submit form MV2489​ with the title to receive a corrected title in the original owner's name.

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