Transfer a vehicle to/from a surviving spouse/domestic partner

A surviving spouse or domestic partner can transfer ownership of up to five vehicles solely owned by a deceased spouse or domestic partner. The vehicle(s) may be titled in the name of the surviving spouse or domestic partner as owner, or they may sign as a surviving spouse or domestic partner to sell the vehicle. The transfer of ownership will not affect any prior liens upon the vehicle(s).

When more than five vehicles that are less than 20 years old were solely owned by the deceased, the remaining vehicles must be disposed of through:

  • An administrator of the estate
  • An executor of the estate
  • A court order

A copy of the death certificate is NOT required when the deceased owner was a Wisconsin resident and death occurred in Wisconsin. A death certificate may be required for residents of other states.

To transfer ownership to your name, please submit:

  • Statement of Transfer of Vehicles to a Surviving Spouse, Domestic Partner or Heir Form MV2300
  • Certificate of Title
  • Wisconsin Title & License Plate Form MV1
  • There is no title transfer fee for surviving spouses or domestic partners

An heir may transfer ownership​ of a vehicle when a decedent leaves solely owned property not exceeding $50,000 in value.

If a vehicle is titled jointly to you and the deceased, or you have other questions about transferring ownership of a vehicle, please contact WisDOT.

Email Wisconsin DMV email service