Exporting (Wisconsin) junked vehicles

Wisconsin does not issue a certificate of title for junked vehicles. As stated in Wisconsin statute 342.34(3):  No certificate of title may be issued for a junk vehicle or for a vehicle which has been junked or destroyed.

If you need documentation stating the date that a vehicle was listed as “JUNKED” in Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s records, submit the following:

  1. Complete Vehicle/Drive Record Information Request form MV2896;  up to three vehicles can be listed
  2. $10 fee per vehicle

You will receive a Letter of Verification advising when the vehicle was listed as “JUNKED” in our records. This letter will confirm that a Wisconsin title is no longer in force or that the vehicle is not required to be titled or registered due to the vehicle status of junked. This letter should be presented at the time of vehicle export along with U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s other export criteria.

Email Wisconsin DMV email service