WisDOT Aviation Maintenance and IA Refresher Conference

NewThe 2023 WisDOT Aviation Maintenance and IA Refresher Conference at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Fond du Lac, WI has concluded. Thank you to all the attendees, exhibitors and presenters that helped make it a great event! We are currently planning the 2024 conference. Details will be provided on this page as they are available.​

Date and Loc​ation:​​ Saturday February 2024

Draft agenda and menu​ (subjec​t to change with little or no notice):

Lodging Information:​​​​​​ To be determined​

Registration Information:​ Attendee cost is $35 and registration is required via Eventbrite. Don’t forget to register for the conference on FAASafety.gov to claim your AMT credits there as well! ​

Exhibitors list and information

Course Information: 8 hours of FAA approved AMT and IA refresher credit.

2022 WisDOT IA COURSE NUMBER: C-IND-IM-181217-K-014-006 Wisconsin Dells, WI 2/26/2022 

2023 WisDOT IA COURSE NUMBER: C-IND-IM-181217-K-014-006 Fond du Lac, WI 2/25/2023

If you are unable to make our conference, here are ​additional training options​, FAASafety.gov​ and other websites, many of which are free. 

NewPro Tips maintenance webinars every third Wednesday. Go to FAASafety.gov​ and search for “Pro Tips” webinars to register.

Wisconsin IA Renewal Instructions:

Requirements for IA Renewal, due before March 31st on odd years (2023, 2025, etc.) are found in FAR §65.93

If your address has chan​ged since the last seminar, please be sure to update the FAA database.

For furthe​r information, contact:

Levi Eastlick, levi.eastlick@dot.wi.gov, (608) 267-5018

Updated: 1/17​/2023