Pilot Education Programs

Tailwheel Pilots Safety Seminar and Training Opportunities

If you own, rent, or wish to learn all about the tailwheel flight operations this workshop is for you! This tailwheel workshop was developed and implemented through partnership with nine of Wisconsin's most experienced tailwheel instructors, the FAA, EAA, AOPA, and Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics.

The workshop consists of a two hour and thirty minute morning session, and an afternoon flight training session presented by these experts and representatives from the FAASafety Team.

Attend presentations focused on wheel and three point landings by FAASTeam representatives, earn FAA WINGS credits and meet/fly with local instructors that specialize in tailwheel training.

The seminars will be held at the following locations and dates:

  • Wausau - May 25th
  • Brodhead - June 8th
  • Three Lakes - June 22nd
  • Palmyra - August 8th
  • Hartford - September 21st

Wisconsin public use airports with turf runways

Provided by AOPA, EAA, WisDOT, and MKE FSDO.

For more information visit FaaSafety.gov or contact Levi Eastlick, levi.eastlick@dot.wi.gov, 608-267-5018