Current wage determinations

In this section, the public may view specific prevailing wage project determinations and find prevailing wage rates for the various construction trades, project types and counties. These rates are meant for public viewing only and not for project bidding purposes.

Federal DBA General Wage Determinations Wisconsin STATE/COUNTY INDEX​


Please refer to the specific proposal package for the contract federal wages that were bid for a specific​ project. Questions pertaining to the application of contract labor standards or the selection of appropriate WDs for specific contract actions should be referred to the contracting Labor Compliance Officer.

Contractors are responsible for determining the appropriate crafts necessary to perform the contract work. If a classification considered necessary for performance of the work is missing from the WD, the contractor must initiate a request for approval for a proposed wage and benefit rate by preparing an SF-1444, Request for Authorization of Additional Classification and Rate, for the unlisted craft. (Reference Title 29 CFR Part 5, Section 5.5(a)(1)(ii) and FAR 22.406-3).

USDOL will publish all DBA WD revisions/modifications for a given week every Friday.

Contract wage determinations are subject to modifications until 10 days before bid letting.

WD wage schedules per construction type are described in AAM No. 130 and AAM No. 131.

A project which includes elements of two or more types of construction normally requires multiple wage determinations if such category of construction is substantial.