Bid letting information - March 14, 2023

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Vendors who are approved by WisDOT to be eligible bidders or plan holders and who want to remain confidential, will not appear on the lists of eligible bidders or plan holders on the HCCI website or Bid Expresstm. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that they have been approved as an eligible bidder before submitting a bid.

Vendors who choose to be confidential are still contractually obligated, as all eligible bidders are, that by submission of the bid, the bidder contractually commits to all applicable laws, regulations and procedures, including any coordination with subcontractors and DBE community.

**Confidential Pilot**

WisDOT will be conducting a pilot project to determine the impact of confidential bidding.  The ten proposals selected will be LET from January through May.  Eligible Bidders and Plan Holders for these proposals will not be published.  Bidders will still need to submit a request to bid (DT1633) to be approved to bid on the proposals in the Confidential Pilot.


  • Advertisement
    • ​Proposal 003:  Confidential Pilot
    • Proposal 012:  Non-Mandatory Pre-Bid Information Session for ASP1.1 Transportation Alliance for New Solutions (TrANS) Program On-The-Job Voluntary Incentive Program
      • ​Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 1:00 PM virtually via Microsoft Teams or conference call.  Meeting access information is provided in the proposal.
  • Schedule of Items (bid items). This spreadsheet replaces the quantities that are displayed in the original advertisement.  This will be available going forward with the new advertisement format.
  • Counter sheet - Work Rating Descriptions
Plans and Proposals

  • Proposal status (report listing the status of each proposal in this letting)
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20230314007 20230314008 20230314009 20230314010 20230314011 20230314012
20230314013 20230314014
20230314015 20230314016 20230314017 20230314018

20230314020 20230314021 20230314022 20230314023
20230314025 20230314026 20230314027
20230314028 20230314029 20230314030
20230314031 20230314032 20230314033
20230314034 20230314035
20230314037 20230314038

Addenda (-soi requires updated schedule of items from Bid Expresstm) Supplemental Information
    • Contractor Data Packets
        • The contractor data packet consists of digital files prepared for state trunk highway let projects with a geospatially accurate reference alignment. The packet contains survey information and existing & proposed design files based on the project type. The data in the Contractor Data Packet is only provided for the contractor’s general knowledge and is not a part of the construction project contract. The department assumes no responsibility for discrepancies between the data provided and the contract documents
        • A survey is also available to offer contractors the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the electronic design data provided for the construction project.
      • Questions and Answers
      Bidder Information Debarred, suspended and ineligible contractors
      Apparent Bids
      • All bids received (project bid information is posted for all bidders, after the project has been awarded)