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A backhoe moving materials into a dump truck.
A certified DBE at work on the I-43 North South project in Milwaukee County

WisDOT Consultant News, October 2023

WisDOT Consultant News is a quarterly newsletter that provides DBE prime consultants and DBE sub-consultants with the latest information on WisDOT opportunities, professional events and technical information.

Beyond the Basics: Optimizing DBE Consultant Utilization for Primes

Prime Contractors

I-41 Project Update
The most up to date information on this long-term mega project can be found on the I-41 website which is a dedicated project resource highlighting important project information, timelines, and other updates.

Contractor Compliance Training
ASP information begins on slide 43

DBE Bid Letting Bulletin

This bulletin is sent to all prime contractors who are eligible bidders on WisDOT projects and includes the region and proposal breakdown of DBE sub-contractable opportunities for the upcoming bid letting each month.

DBE Reporter Newsletter

This a quarterly newsletter that includes information and resources for the DBE community.

Stakeholder Meetings

The DBE office holds regular advisory committee meetings on a variety of topics that relate to DBEs and welcomes all interested people and companies to attend.

Wisconsin DBE Unified Certification Program (UCP) Firms

Below are three resources that can assist prime contractors in identifying potential DBEs for upcoming proposals. The Office of Business Opportunity and Equity Compliance (OBOEC) updates the UCP Directory monthly and provides a monthly summary of changes. The UCP Directory can be downloaded as an Excel document, modified and used as a solicitation log (see the GFE Tool Kit and Appendix documents). The interactive online map identifies DBE firms in the various regions throughout the state.

Monthly DBE Directory Updates

  • Spreadsheet that includes monthly updates to DBE contact information, newly certified and decertified DBE Firms and the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code expansions and reductions for DBE firms listed in the UCP Directory.

Access the UCP Directory

  • The UCP Directory is a combined resource from WisDOT, Milwaukee County, Dane County and the City of Madison.
    • Please carefully review the NAICS code to ensure the DBE is certified for the DBE credit being claimed on any Attachments A.

UCP Directory Interactive Map

  • Tool that allows users to zoom in on locations of participating DBE firms.

Forms, Instructions and Information

Beyond the Basics: Optimizing DBE Construction Utilization for Primes Tips and guidance for pre-bid, post-bid, and pre-construction meetings

WisDOT Bid Letting Resource Guide

Form DT1506 (12/2022)

Application for Joint Checks

eSubmit Instructions for DBE Supplemental Documentation Submission

Monthly questions from contractors Updated: May 2022

Discretionary goal information: Submitting DBE commitments on projects with federal funds and no assigned DBE goal. Updated: August 2022

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Build the Future NowAirport, Transit and Non-Traditional

General Guidance:


WisDOT may establish a contract goal on a federally funded contract for procuring construction, equipment, services, or any other purpose, a bidder must, in order to be responsible and/or responsive, make sufficient good faith efforts to meet the goal.