Contracting with a DBE


Upcoming DBE Program information session on January 25 from 8:30-10 a.m.​

During the session, we will discuss:

  • Neutral Participation Trucking – Reduced Attachment A requirement
  • Offsite hauling and CUF monitoring
  • Bulk supply/commodity credit
  • Contractor and Bid Letting Updates for 2022
  • GFE Template for organizing GFE materials.

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What's New

Neutral Participation Trucking – Reduced Attachment A requirement

Beginning January 1, 2022, follow these guidelines for submitting neutral participation for DBE trucks:

Neutral Participation Documentation

  • Only submit Attachment A for DBE trucks added after contract execution
  • Do not submit Attachment A for additional trucking commitment for DBE firms included with the bid (DT1506/electronic commitment)
  • OBOEC will confirm trucking commitment and utilization through CRCS, the Trucking Schedule, and hiring agreements.
  • Final Attachment A is not required for trucking but must be submitted if requested as part of CUF monitoring

New Attachment Field added in BidX

Beginning with the January letting, an additional field will be available for uploading DBE documents in BidX. There is a 5mb limit for each field.

  • Use these fields for Attachments A OR DBE quotes submitted with bid
  • Do NOT use these fields for DT1202 materials – use eSubmit - Instructions for eSubmit

Offsite hauling and CUF monitoring

Beginning with the January letting, use the Attachment A​ to indicate if offsite hauling is involved for the trucking firm listed. What is offsite hauling? This is hauling from any site that is not the actual worksite, such as from pit to plant, often a site not dedicated to the project, but for which the prime can substantiate the amount of material hauled for the named project and thus the commitment to the DBE associated with the contract.

In order to complete CUF (commercially useful function) monitoring, WisDOT will implement the following:

  • At weekly progress meetings- ask the prime if there will be offsite hauling utilizing DBEs in the coming week and indicating the potential for the PE to visit the pit/plant
  • Conduct spot checks of pits/plants to verify DBE truck is hauling and/or verifying hauling log
  • Prime should be prepared to submit haul tickets, plant/pit tickets, timecards, and other pertinent documentation that WisDOT may request to substantiate the haul in question.

Bulk supply and commodity purchases

Per ASP-3, bidders may purchase supplies or commodities such as fuel in bulk from a DBE and apply credit to each project as the supplies/commodities are used. To ensure that the appropriate credit is assigned, follow the procedure below:

  1. When DBE suppliers are contracted for bulk supply or commodity purchases, an invoice or bill-of-sale that includes names of the contractor and the DBE supplier should be submitted to the DBE Office via eSubmit (preferred) or the DBE_Alert email box. The supply/commodity credit may be applied during the federal fiscal year (October- September) in which the purchase was made.
  2. When the contractor intends to apply the credit to a particular project, submit a copy of the original invoice, documentation of the calculations for supplies/commodities to be used on the project, and an Attachment A. Indicate on the Attachment A:
    • This supply/commodity is in the prime’s inventory or pre-paid in case of commodities
    • The full value of the original invoice submitted to the DBE Office, above in (1)
    • The amount of material or product used on this project
    • Fuel estimate listed on Attachment A will be recorded as a deduction from the full fuel purchase amount shown on the invoice

Bid Letting updates

Beginning with the February letting, the following procedures will be in effect:

  • The Commitment to Subcontract to DBE (Form DT1506 or digital submittal) must be submitted at the time of bid (Tuesday) by all prime contractors.
  • Attachments A OR quotes from all DBEs included in the Commitment must be submitted at bid (Tuesday) OR
  • Within one-hour following bid submittal by ALL prime contractors via eSubmit (Tuesday).
  • If only DBE quotes were submitted, all remaining signed Attachments A must be submitted within 24-hours of bid closing via eSubmit (Wednesday).
  • If the assigned DBE contract goal is not met, Documentation of Good Faith Effort (Form DT1202) and supporting documentation must be submitted within 24-hours of bid closing (Wednesday) via eSubmit. ​Instructions for eSubmit
  • The DBE Office will no longer reach out to contractors during the letting to inform you of remaining documents to submit. Make sure you are clear on DBE documentation requirements – follow up with us through if you have any questions.

Nov. 6, 2021 – BidX Training:​Bid Express

​We recently held two 90-minute training​ sessions to share more about the online​ bidding process through BidX. The sessions focused on:

  • Downloading and handling the files (ebsx, .001x, dbe.bin, agency attachments)​
  • Filling out the bid file ahead of time and submitting an early bid (DBE Commitment/DT1506 tab, file attachments)
  • What to do if an issue comes up with the bid file (check bid errors, red indicators, file attachment issues)
  • Contacting WisDOT or customer support for help
  • See updated bidding instructions

If you were unable to attend, additional information can be found at You can also view a recording of the session (Access Passcode: ​y0@gzM@^​).

Notice: eSubmit option for DBE Supplemental Documentation​ Submission

Monthly questions from contractors Last u​pdate: August 2021

Application for Joint Checks

Discretionary Goal Information​: Last update: July 2021​

Submitting DBE commitments on projects with federal funds and no assigned DBE goal.

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​​​Wisconsin Unified Certification Program (UCP) Firms

The UCP DBE Directory is an interactive online resource that is updated monthly by the Office of Business Opportunity and Equity Compliance (OBOEC). The Directory can be downloaded as an Excel document, modified and used as a solicitation log (See the See Good Faith Effort Guidance​ documents). The interactive map identifies DBE firms in the various regions throughout the state.

​​Airport and Non-Traditional​​

​General Guidance:


WisDOT may establish a contract goal on a federally funded contract for procuring construction, equipment, services, or any other purpose, a bidder must, in order to be responsible and/or responsive, make sufficient good faith efforts to meet the goal.​