Questions and answers

To facilitate communication with the construction industry, the department will utilize the Questions and Answers (Q/A) feature within BidExpresstm, Industry will ask question(s) through BidExpresstm for advertised proposals. Questions will be allowed up to 11:45 a.m. the day before the letting, however any question submitted after 2 p.m.​ the Thursday prior to the letting may not have sufficient time to prepare a thorough response or develop a contract addenda. Bureau of Project Development (BPD) staff will work with Regional staff to answer the question(s). Once the question(s) have been answered, the answer(s) will be available through BidExpresstm for all BidExpresstm subscribers. The answer(s) will be available on the specific bid letting page within the HCCI website as an Excel document.  The website is updated with the new Excel file on Fridays as well as Monday, Wednesday, and Monday before the letting.​

These responses are not a contract document by definition (Standard Spec 101.​3​); however they are the official response of the Department.

Complete instructions for entering proposal related questions through BidExpresstm.

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