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Inspection Training Videos and Presentations

Program Manager Training​March 2023
Structure Inspection Program Manager Training, Part 1​​​February 2023
Structure Inspection Program Manager Training, Part 2​​​April 2023​
​National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) Training​March 2023
SNBI Training for State Bridge Inspectors (​2023 Pilot)​March 2023​
PowerPoint-SNBI Training for State Bridge Inspectors (2023 Pilot)​​

​March 2023
Overview of NBIS and SNBI​​February 2023​​
2023 Structure Inspection Refresher Training ​​May​ 2023
​​​2022 Structure Inspection Refresher Training​​​​​​August 202​2​​​​
​​​ ​​Bridge Inspector Refresher Training Info – including approved cours​es​​​​
March​ 2023
2019 Structure inspection Refresher Training
June 2021​​​
Bridge Best Practices​ June 2021
Bridge Maintenance and Repair​ June 2021
Concrete Deck Slab Elements and Assessments​ June 2021
Field Manual Updates​ June 2021
Highway Structures Inspection System​​ June 2021
National Bridge Inventory (NBI) Rating System​ June 2021
Program Administration June 2021
Small Bridges, Culverts and Arches June 2021
Structural Reviews and Critical Findings​ June 2021
Substructure Elements and Assessments​ June 2021
Superstructures​ June 2021
Timber​ June 2021
Underwater​ Inspections and Assessments​​​ June 2021

​​​​​​​​NCR Bridge Refresher April 2016 (full presentation)
April 2016
Opening and Introductions
Performance Measures, Quarterly Reporting
Review of Current Policies
POA Requirements
Inspection Procedures
New for 2016 Inspections
iPad Demo of Inspection
New QC Policy
Virtual QX, Review of Inspections
Final Comments, Wrap Up
​​Wisconsin DOT Bridge Inspection Quality ControlApril 2016
Example QC DT Form​October 2020​
Inspector Refresher Training 2014January 2014
Timber Bridge Inspection: Resistance Microdrilling DemoAugust 2014
Timber Bridge Inspection: Stress Wave Timer DemoAugust 2014
Bridge Deck Inspection: Using An Infrared CameraAugust 2013
Inspection Photo Best Practices GuidelinesMarch 20​22


Inspection Sketches & Templates

Element Defects
Concrete Wearing Surface Defects
Prestressed Concrete Defects
Reinforced Concrete Abutment & Integral Wingwall Defects
Substructure Defects
Superstructure Defects
Streambed Profiles
26 Span Deck Girder Water Elevation
Multi-Span Flab Slab Water Elevation
1-Span Deck Girder Water Elevation
1-Span Flat Slab Water Elevation
2-Span Haunched Slab Water Elevation
3-Span Deck Girder Water Elevation
3-Span Haunched Slab Water Elevation
Truss Water Elevation
Supplemental NSTM Inspection Forms
Supplemental NSTM Inspection Form A
Supplemental NSTM Inspection Form B
Supplemental Steel Girder NSTM Inspection Form​

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