LRFD Standardized Overhead Sign Structure Plans

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The following insert sheets and design drawings are for use with Contractor and Standard Design OSS types only. Sign structure types are determined using the guidance in Section 11-55-20 of the Facilities Development Manual (FDM). For development of contract plans, each project will require a Notes and Design Data sheet (WisDOT or Consultant – whoever is developing the plans) with each individual sign structure having its own General Layout sheet. The appropriate OSS Standard Design Drawing PDF is downloaded and appended to the lead sheets. Replace the lead sheet examples provided in the PDF with the project specific lead sheets. More information can be found in Chapter 39 of the Bridge Manual.
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Insert Sheets

Description Microstation (DGN) PDF Updated
Monotube and 2-Chord Truss - Notes and Des. Data mtube_2C_gen.dgn mtube_2C_gen.pdf 07/21
4-Chord Truss Cantilever - Notes and Design Data 4C_cant_gen.dgn 4C_cant_gen.pdf 07/21​
4-Chord Truss Full Span - Notes and Design Data 4C_full_gen.dgn 4C_full_gen.pdf 07/21​
Monotube Cantilever - General Layout mtube_cant.dgn mtube_cant.pdf 07/21
Monotube Full Span - General Layout mtube_full.dgn mtube_full.pdf 07/21
2-Chord Truss Cantilever - General Layout 2C_cant.dgn 2C_cant.pdf 07/21
2-Chord Truss Full Span - General Layout 2C_full.dgn 2C_full.pdf 07/21
4-Chord Truss Cantilever - General Layout 4C_cant.dgn 4C_cant.pdf 07/20
4-Chord Truss Full Span - General Layout 4C_full.dgn 4C_full.pdf 07/20​
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OSS Standard Design Drawings

Description Drop-in-Sheets (PDF) Updated
Monotube and 2-Chord Truss - Standards mtube_2C_std.pdf07/21​
4-Chord Truss Cantilever - Standards 4C_cant_std.pdf07/21​
4-Chord Truss Full Span - Standards 4C_full_std.pdf07/21​
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