Action plan 12

Award & execution/addenda/plan availability/review - improve plan bid-ability

No action plan will be developed for this issue

  • Schedule pre-bid meetings in the 2nd week of advertisement—This is already in place, FDM 19-15.1.3 states the pre-bid meetings should be at least 3 weeks prior to the letting.
  • Establish a method to share information; suggest a WTBA/WisDOT/ACEC semi-annual workgroup in each region to discuss upcoming projects and potential constructability issues (transmit solutions and issues so to combat duplication of the same issue, plan error, etc.)—This is part of 1B
  • Implement methods used on the larger projects on medium size projects; larger bidding windows, plan availability, etc.—Much of this is included in 1B
  • Clarifying policy for plan availability for Contractors. When can designers send plans to Contractors (pre-PS&E?) investigate posting ALL plans via the website at the time of PS&E submittal.—Part of 1B
  • Add training for earthwork & storm sewer. Outreach to industry to present common issues at training.—Part of 1B
  • Evaluate combining Dec/Jan let and/or add back in October let.—Not sure of the value here, there is a PLP group that includes WTBA to help balance out the lettings. We are currently achieving 55-60% of money within the first 6 months of fiscal year, we are not trying to do the same with the number of projects within the first 6 months.

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