Action plan 7

Award & execution/addenda/plan availability/review-addenda process improvement

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Accomplishments to date

  • Small Team consisting of Mike Coleman, Deanna Goebel, Angie Clary and Scott Lawry met on 9-19-14 to finalize plan and implement changes. There were a handful of initiatives that were requested through this work plan.

Long-term action items/milestones

  • Email all addenda notice(s) to all eligible plan-holders.—This will not be done. If the Department should start to try and email all plan-holders and eligible bidders it would become a risk for the Department. Within every bid proposal there is a Bid Preparation Document that requires the contracting industry to review the Departments website to see if new addenda have been submitted. If a contractor should ask to bid or become a plan holder late in the advertisement period there could be good chance an error could be made and a contractor would not receive the addenda notice. The solution to this issue will be to modify an existing process. Currently when a contractor requests to be shown as a plan-holder or an eligible bidder a email is sent to them confirming that they have been added or denied(including a reason why) to be shown as a plan-holder or eligible bidder. A statement will be added to the email reminding them that they are required to review the HCCI for addenda. A link to the site will also be added to the email.
  • Email rather than fax Emergency addenda from Thursday at 4 pm to the day before the let—Done, this was accomplished in June 2014 and the FDM has already been updated.
  • Revise FDM process on addenda protocol—Done, the FDM has been modified to document and track addenda better. Section 19-22-1 was modified in June 2014 to help the department track the reasons addenda are required. The existing performance measure for addenda will be modified to capture this data and analysis will follow to help determine what is causing the addenda and identify potential solutions.
  • Investigate BidExpress to answer questions so that engineers/plan holders do not call multiple times with the same issues.—This task was added to the above work plan 1B, the current idea on the table is to pattern the question/answer solution after the Michigan website. On going Winter 2015
  • Clarify expectations for contact person after advertisement.—The FDM will be modified to clearly identify the role and responsibility of the individual listed as the contact person after advertisement and if the person responsible for the project moves on after the PS&E has been submitted, that the region needs to replace the individual that appears on the advertisement.
  • The next steps will be to finalize the FDM changes, gain approval through the PDS chiefs, CCAW and FHWA before publishing in January or February.

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