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Before you contact WisDOT...​

To serve you faster and more efficiently, take a few minutes to read through the guidance below and be prepared to provide as much information as possible about your situation.

Where is the connection now, or where will it be located?​​

Provide the:

  • County name
  • Highway number
  • Side of highway
  • Distance from nearest local road
  • Tax parcel ID number(s), if available​

What type of connection is involved?

Choose from one of the following use categories:

  • Residential: ​A driveway or private road that serves single and multiple family homes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses, etc.
  • Commercial/industrial: A driveway or private road that serves a business or non-profit organization
  • Agricultural: A field entrance or an entrance to recreational/hunting lands. This use may also serve to provide an entrance to farm buildings but not residential buildings. It does not include commercial-type activities
  • Public road: A road, street, highway, etc. connecting to a state highway that is maintained by a local unit of government. A road not maintained by a unit of government is categorized under commercial/industrial or residential
  • Trail or trail crossing: Any pedestrian, bicycle, snowmobile, ATV/UTV or equestrian trail that runs longitudinally along and/or crosses a state highway

What would you like to do?

​A. Construct a new connectionDiagram showing the driveway, road or trail between the right-of-way and the state highway is a state highway connection.

  1. Construct a new connection and no current one exists
  2. Construct another connection to the property
  3. I am the current property owner
  4. I am purchasing or thinking of purchasing the property
  5. Does the property abut a local road?
    If yes, is there an existing connection to that road?
  6. Is this for recently divided property?

B. Alter an existing connection

  1. Widen connection
  2. Pave connection or place gravel on earthen connection
  3. Change use category, e.g., from residential to commercial, or commercial to industrial.​​
    This includes increasing connection traffic even if the use is staying the same.
  4. Add recreational trail use to the connection (e.g., ATV/UTV or snowmobile crossing)

C. Work on an existing connection

  1. Repair/replace culvert under connection or add end section
  2. Make repairs to a paved or unpaved connection
  3. Other (remove retaining wall, reshape slopes, place riprap, etc.)

D. Remove and/or relocate connection

  1. ​Remove connection completely (no relocation)
  2. Move connection to another location on my property

E. ​Obtain permit for an existing connection

  1. I am the property owner
  2. I represent the property owner (proof required)
  3. I am a prospective buyer​​

F. Obtain permit for a new public road connection to the state highway​​

  1. ​​​​There is an existing connection at the proposed location
  2. No connection exists at the proposed location​
  3. ​I am a property owner (or representative), consultant, developer, or government representative​

​​G. I am interested i​n developing or dividing property, which may require state highway access change

  1. ​​​Create a land division adjacent to the state highway with more than 4 lots
  2. Create a land division adjacent to the state highway with 2-4 lots
  3. Create a subdivision adjacent to the state highway without direct state highway access
  4. Create a subdivision adjacent to the state highway with direct state highway access
  5. There are no plans at this time
  6. There is a conceptual plan
  7. There are plans being designed
  8. I am a property owner (or representative), consultant, developer, or government representative

​​Contact WisDOT connection permit staff

For specific questions regarding your situation, click on transportation region office to see a state map with region boundaries and office contacts, telephone numbers and email addresses.

For general questions regarding WisDOT connection permit policy, forms, or this website, contact:
Bob Fasick
Wisconsin DOT
Bureau of Highway Maintenance
4822 Madison Yards Way, 5th Floor South
Madison, WI 53705
(​608) 266-3438

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