Apply for a state highway connection permit

​Application process

To apply for a permit, fill out form ​DT1504, ​Application/Permit for Connection to State Highway and follow the instructions. In addition to the application form, you will need to provide:

  1. ​Documentation related to your ownership of (1) the real estate to which the connection is requested and (2) access rights to the state highway to which the connection is requested. This should include, at a minimum, copies of:
    1. ​​The title work (title​ commitment or abstract of title) related to your purchase of the property
    2. The deed (or other conveyance) under which you acquired title to the property
    3. Any conveyances subsequent to that deed
    4. ​Any property surveys
  2. ​A location sketch. You may use form DT1248​, State highway connection location sketch
  3. Zoning documentation for the property, if a zoning change is needed for the proposed use
  4. A copy of a certified survey map, if applicable
  5. Evidence of a land division, if applicable
  6. A work zone traffic control plan (TCP). Typically, any work that will encroach/block a travel lane or occupy a shoulder for more than 30 minutes will require a TCP. Consult the ​Work Zone Field Manual ​or Traffic Control Standard Detail Drawings​ for assistance. If you hire a contractor to perform the work, please note​ the requirements on the use of green lamps (lights) on our main State ROW permits page​.
  7. You may also be asked to provide some type of proof that you have the authority to apply for a permit if you are not the property owner. A copy of an "Offer to Purchase Property" is an example of such proof.

▶ Submit the completed form plus the documents listed above to the transportation region office responsible for the county where the connection is or will be located.

For faster permit application processing, submit all materials electronically via email, or for larger files, a file transfer protocol (FTP) site. If you do not have access to a FTP site, WisDOT can provide one. Submit the permit form as a Word document with an electronic (typed) signature instead of scanning it. Supporting materials should be in PDF format. You may also submit the application and supporting materials by regular mail. If you do this, the application must be filled out in ink.

​Need assistance?

The state highway connection permits background or frequently asked questions pages may provide additional information if you have not read through them already. If you need help filling out the permit application form or have questions on items 1-7 above, go to the contact WisDOT page.

Associated Wisconsin Law

Visit the links below for Wisconsin law associated with utilities and permitting on state right of way.