eMV Public FAQs - Primary owner information

Who can use the eMV Public online application?

Anyone who is a Wisconsin resident and has a Wisconsin drivers license or identification card number.

What if I do not have a Wisconsin driver license or ID card?

You cannot use the e-MV Public application. Mail your application to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) or visit a DMV customer service center.

How do I know if I am eligible to use eMV Public?

Use the link below to see if you have a restriction or incident that will stop you from obtaining a DMV product, such as license plates, a title or a driver license. There is no charge to use this system and it is available 24/7. If you do have a restriction or incident that prevents issuance of vehicle registration, you must resolve it before using eMV Public. Visit eMV Public restrictions for more requirements.

What if my driving privilege is suspended or revoked?

Most reasons for suspended or revoked driving privileges do not affect your ability to title and/or register a vehicle. We have a free online application to check for restrictions or incidents that will stop you from obtaining a DMV product, such as license plates, a title or a driver license.

What is a primary owner?

The DMV uses the primary owner’s address to mail all products and correspondence for a vehicle. All owners of a vehicle legally have equal ownership regardless of who is listed as the primary owner.

Can I enter more than one co-owner?

No. We may offer this feature in future editions of the e-MV Public application. If you would like to list more than one co-owner, please complete and mail your application form to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

What if I missed adding a co-owner?

You will have an opportunity to edit the information you entered in the e-MV Public application at the end of the process or you may cancel the transaction and start the application over to add a co-owner. If you completed the eMV Public application and have already received your receipt, please have the co-owner sign the receipt. Also include the following co-owner information on the receipt:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Driver license/identification number or social security number
  • Select And or Or

Why are my driver license or ID number, social security number and date of birth (DOB) necessary?

To properly identify the owner and/or co-owner and title the vehicle with the correct name.

Is the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's eMV Public application secure?

All data sent and received is encrypted, standard protocol for providing communication security.

Does the Wisconsin Department of Transportation sell my personal information?

Under Wisconsin open records law, WisDOT must provide information from its records to requesters. If you do not want your name and address included in requests we receive for ten or more records, you may ask the department to withhold your name and address from those lists by completing Request to Withhold Name and Address​ form MV3592.

Learn more about the WisDOT 'Opt-out' process.

Email eMV support team