WIS 13 Reconstruction, Medford, Taylor County

Project information

Medford logo; reads, "Paving our way into the future"
Logo/slogan for the WIS 13 Medford Reconstruction - 'Paving our way into the future'.

In 2011, WisDOT completed a reconstruction project of WIS 13 through the city of Medford, in Taylor County.

During the project, WIS 13 was closed to through traffic and a detour around the city was in place. Access was allowed to businesses, but primary traffic going through the city was taken off the main route. This extensive project required the cooperation of the city of Medford and its community members. The Medford Area Chamber of Commerce started working approximately three years prior to the project to develop a promotional campaign to run throughout most of 2011.

The official committee was formed one year prior to construction start, and the project was branded with the slogan 'Paving Our Way Into the Future'. The committee made an effort to call all the area businesses that were directly affected prior to the first public meeting July 2010.

The Chamber utilized various mediums, including a Facebook page and their own website, in providing information throughout the project. Weekly meetings were held with the road construction supervisors and WisDOT representatives throughout the project, providing a place for community members to voice their concerns and for project staff to keep businesses informed with up to date project information.

To encourage promotion and positive relations during construction, the Chamber initiated a 'Hard Hat Specials' program, designed to draw attention to area businesses.

Law enforcement officers were given $2,000 worth of $5 Chamber Gift Certificates to distribute to people who needed to be redirected to correctly utilize the detour.

At the end of the project, the annual "Harvest Days Hike" took place on the detour path. Participants were encouraged to "take the detour one last time!"

Through community outreach and consistent communication, WisDOT and the Medford Area Chamber of Commerce were able to successfully complete this large project, while keeping businesses operating throughout the project.

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