Know the signs

​Orange signs are used to communicate to drivers that they are entering, leaving or already in a work zone. Below are common examples of what you'll see. Keep in mind that even at a reduced speed of 55 mph, your vehicle is covering 80 feet per second - so when you see any orange signs or barrels take extra caution. Workers are likely nearby. 

Road Work Ahead - Slow down. Expect construction.

Flagger Ahead - Slow down and be prepared to stop.

Right Lane Ends - Merge carefully. Take turns. Be patient.

Two-Way Traffic - Be alert. Traffic in the opposite direction will be next to you. 

Work Zone Areas

The work area itself is just one part of the overall work zone. There are also warning, transition and termination areas to help traffic queue and transition safely. Never wait until the last second to slow down or change lanes, and always look for signage signifying you've left the work zone before accelerating beyond the work zone speed limit. Be patient and provide space. Remem​ber, tailgating is the most often cited factor in a Wisconsin work zone crash.

​Especially in busier areas, it pays to know the basics on the zipper merge.

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