TraCS training

​All law enforcement agencies are required to complete the appropriate paperwork. See Getting TraCS for the required paperwork.

Crash form (DT4000) training videos taken from actual DOT training sessions provided to law enforcement statewide:

  • History and Overview: This module discusses the reasons behind the crash form changes and the stakeholders involved in those changes. (54 min.)
  • F2 Help, Crash Summary, & TLT: This module reviews the importance of F2 Help and its uses.  A demonstration of completing the crash summary section of the crash form as well as a demonstration of the new TraCS Location Tool (TLT). (16 min.)
  • Unit Information: This module includes a demonstration of completing unit level information on the crash form. (21 min.) 
  • Diagram, Validation & Transmission: This module reviews methods of diagraming crash scenes using mapping software and Google Maps. Validation and transmission of crash forms is also discussed. (11 min.)
  • Amendments & Fatal Supplements: Reviews how to complete and transmit amendments and fatal supplements and the issues that may arise completing these forms. (14 min.)
  • Additional Crash Facts, Citations, & Wrap-Up: This module reviews some additional crash facts to be aware of as well as what to do with citations issued for a crash. Also reviews additional resources for agencies to use. (12 min.)

Follow instructions to download the TraCS training version, which includes the new crash form (DT4000).

​TraCS 10 training vi​deos

Videos have been developed for TraCS users such as officers, office staff or supervisors issuing, reviewing, approving and transmitting documents. These are short videos on specific subjects that can be accessed and reviewed quickly.

User training videos – These videos are for those individuals/officers that use TraCS to complete a crash report, citation, behavior report, etc.

User training contact videos - These instructor-led videos are for individuals/officers that use TraCS forms. Videos are contact/stop-oriented.

Administrative training videos – These videos are for those individuals that review, approve, transmit and archive.​

​​New TraCS videos

Advance searchesExample of advance searches - 2 min.
Analysis reportsHow to use analysis reports - ​2 min.
Arrest formHow to use the arrest form - 4 min.
Case summary formHow to use the case summary form - 3 min.
End shifting from mobileHow to perform an mobile end-shift - 3 min
End shifting from officeHow to perform an office end-shift - 3 min.
Equipment inventory formUnderstanding the equipment form - 3 min.
External searchHow to use external search - 3 min.
Fall 2015 upgrade. Additional instructions Stepping through the one-time mandatory instructions - 14 min.​​
Inspection form​​How to use inspection form - 13 min.
Involvement feature​​Involvement - great for researching - 5 min.
​IT breakout​TraCS installation and maintenance - 10 min.
Left navigation pane​Understanding the navigation pane - 3 min.
Link attachments​How to add linked attachment to forms - 2 min.
Pin maps​How to create pin maps - 3 min.
RMS (records​ management system)​Quick overview of TraCS RMS - 14 min.
​RMS feature - Outstanding cases​How to track citations waiting for blood results - 3 min. 
​Search box​Understanding the search box - 12 min.
Transmitting forms​How to transmit forms from an office computer - 3 min. 
Vehicle killed wild animal permit form​Understanding the use - 3 min.
WIJIS​Search for citations on WIJIS - 3 min. 
Wise grant report​Gathering wise grant data - 2 min. 

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