TraCS training

TraCS Training

Virtual TraCS User, Administrative and IT trainings are held the day before the Fall TraCS User conference. They are available to anyone from an agency using TraCS. Some of the past years trainings have been recorded and are available for viewing.

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Training Webcast Sessions

TraCS Office Management

TraCS has been evolving each year to become a one-stop-shop program. Knowing what’s available in TraCS and how to use it makes users’ lives easier. These are some of the TraCS features that will improve your day: Using Common Information, archiving, Form Tags, Transmission process, Customizing the Form Manager and many more.

TraCS Administrator

Maintaining TraCS can seem to be overwhelming at times. Understanding TraCS tools and features will reduce that feeling. Knowing how Distributions, users, Configuration Wizards and code tables all work together will improve the overall TraCS user experience.

TraCS Advanced IT Procedures New!

These webcasts along with their FAQs provide a broader knowledge for procedures such as migrating MS Access to SQL databases and Migrating to TraCS Web Services. These procedures are normally done once.

TraCS Forms

A walkthrough on filling out forms.

Crash form (DT4000) training videos taken from actual DOT training sessions provided to law enforcement statewide:

  • History and Overview: This module discusses the reasons behind the crash form changes and the stakeholders involved in those changes. (54 min.)
  • F2 Help, Crash Summary, & TLT: This module reviews the importance of F2 Help and its uses. A demonstration of completing the crash summary section of the crash form as well as a demonstration of the new TraCS Location Tool (TLT). (16 min.)
  • Unit Information: This module includes a demonstration of completing unit level information on the crash form. (21 min.)
  • Diagram, Validation & Transmission: This module reviews methods of diagraming crash scenes using mapping software and Google Maps. Validation and transmission of crash forms is also discussed. (11 min.)
  • Amendments & Fatal Supplements: Reviews how to complete and transmit amendments and fatal supplements and the issues that may arise completing these forms. (14 min.)
  • Additional Crash Facts, Citations, & Wrap-Up: This module reviews some additional crash facts to be aware of as well as what to do with citations issued for a crash. Also reviews additional resources for agencies to use. (12 min.)

Follow instructions to download the TraCS training version, which includes the new crash form (DT4000).

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