Wisconsin State Bicycle Map

Cover of 2015 State Bike MapThe Wisconsin State Bicycle Map is a set of four two-sided maps published and distributed through the Wisconsin Bike Fed. The state map classifies state and county roads in terms of bicycling suitability. It also identifies bicycle trails and mountain bike facilities, and provides contacts for local bicycle route information. Town roads are not rated for their bicycling condition, but are identified with their road names and whether or not they are paved.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation, in partnership with the Bike Fed, recently created a 2020 Wisconsin Bicycle Map. The Bike Fed works with bicycle shops throughout Wisconsin to distribute these maps.

Maps can be purchased by region (Northern Wisconsin, Western Wisconsin, Eastern Wisconsin, and Southern Wisconsin), or as a complete set of four two-sided maps. Check with your local bicycle shop to see if these maps are for sale. If not, maps may be ordered through the Wisconsin Bike Fed website. Members of the Wisconsin Bike Fed receive a discount. Your organization or bicycle shop may order a quantity of these maps (wholesale).